How we protect your data


Effective date: January 1, 2023


Protecting your privacy is important to AgnosPCB. This Privacy Statement explains how AgnosPCB processes data collected through products, and services (“applications”), including those distributed by our resellers and other channel partners and visits to our premises (along with applications, collectively our “offerings”). References to “AgnosPCB,” “we,” or “our” means AgnosPCB SL. and other entities that belong to the AgnosPCB corporate family and that link to this Privacy Statement.


We may display supplemental priv acy notices on occasion, such as when we believe additional transparency would help you make an informed choice about whether to provide data. For example, you may see a supplemental privacy notice explaining a particular data collection program, or you may see a supplemental privacy notice when registering for an event.


This Privacy Statement describes how we process data for our own purposes.


“data” is information that identifies, or can reasonably be linked directly or indirectly to, an identifiable person. Data does not include information that is anonymous, de-identified, or aggregated, as those terms may be defined under applicable law. For purposes of this Privacy Statement, “data” and “personal information” have the same meaning and are used interchangeably. 

What inspections related information does AgnosPCB collect from you?

We obtain inspection data in three ways.

  1. Inspection tool software (ONLY with the ONLINE AgnosPCB AOI systems)
  2. API service (cloud based service)
  3. Purchasing any AgnosPCB AOI or creating a service subscription.

Additional information you provide us:

We collect information directly from you, such as when you sign up for an account, register a product or service or otherwise contact us. The types of information we may collect from you include:

  • Identifiers, such as your name, telephone number, physical and/or email addresses, account username, and account password.
  • Professional information, such as your occupation, industry, professional licenses, work experience and employment history, and other qualifications.
  • Commercial information, such as details about your subscription plans, the offerings that you have purchased, used and/or expressed interest in, and events you have attended.

When you make purchases through our websites, we use payment processors (StripeWorldpay) and do not store credit card or other financial information (other than confirmation that payment in a certain amount has been made). We or our payment processors collect contact and account information from you to facilitate the transaction. For more information, you can contact our providers as set forth in their privacy notices.

Information we obtain or generate:

We automatically collect or generate certain personal information about you based on your interactions with us, and we may associate that information with your account. The information we automatically collect or generate includes:

  • Identifiers, such as unique user identifiers, unique device identifiers, IP addresses, cookie identifiers, information about product licenses, and usernames.
  • Geolocation information, such as region, country, state, Zip or postal code.
  • Information that may be deemed sensitive under applicable laws, such as usernames and passwords used to access your account, and precise geolocation information.


What information does AgnosPCB collect when you carry out an inspection?

Our cloud service (only applicable to the ONLINE unit and API) works with cutouts of images like the ones below, which are processed in order to look for possible errors in the manufacture of electronic circuits. These images are 512×512 pixels in size. JPG, -no compression- files.

All the images accumulated during 24 hours are deleted from the server/s. The deletion process is performed automatically every day, at 0:00 GMT.


The image´s file name does not identify the client or its origin. It only has a date stamp (encrypted).


Filename example: 1653348058_8240182_AG220524-092031_S_input.jpg


We use these error masks to improve the network continuously, but we do not know the origin of the images. ONLY during the test /trial period of the AgnosPCB service, we have access to the images in order to provide assistance during the testing of the service. Once a customer switches to the subscription plan, their accounts are migrated to the AWS hosted server and we no longer have access to the uploaded data.


AWS (Amazon Web Services, Inc) is the company in charge of hosting these images, processing them and deleting them periodically. The entire client-server information transaction channel is protected by AWS’s own security policy.


More info:


AgnosPCB is certified by AWS as a cloud practitioner company. We comply with the security and transparency requirements set by Amazon Web Services, Inc.

More info about AWS compliance and risk can be found here:


The Reports are generated by customers whenever they want AgnosPCB to review a particular aspect of the inspection, such as

– Badly delimited fault

– False positive: when the system is flagging a component/area as a fault but it is not.

– Custom request: you need to let us know something that we need to take into account in order to adapt the AOI system to your specific needs.


These reports are sent directly to AgnosPCB technicians via a dedicated CLOUD server.

We have access to them. When the files are accesed, they are deleted from the server.


They are a set of 3 images of 512×512 pixels like the one shown below:


They tell us what the REFERENCE (left), the UUI (centre) and the PNG mask (right) looked like, so we can evaluate what happened and make decisions:


If the fault has not been marked correctly, partically…etc. This information is used to re-train our system so that the next version of the artificial intelligence in charge of run the inspections improves its behaviour.


Some customers with “non-standard” needs who want an optical system to detect elements that are not electronic components related, can use this system to send us this useful information. Please contact us at for more info.


Please note that AgnosPCB not only offers inspection of electronics, but of other custom AOI service/products as well.

The REPORTs belong to the clients and the client’s ID is linked to the REPORTs so we can identify them by the file´s name. The ID is a number assigned to the client´s account. Does not contain any comercial info or other number to facilitate an easy identification.


On the other hand, AgnosPCB’s OFFLINE platform does not send a single bit to our servers. It processes everything locally.

How does AgnosPCB use the additional information

(not related to the inspection processes) it collects about you?


We collect and use your personal information for the following purposes:


    • To validate your identity as necessary to perform our contract with you.

    • To deliver services, products, and other offerings, including information such as insights and recommendations, as necessary to fulfill our contractual obligations. For example, we may analyze usage information for billing or discount purposes.

    • To send you important information, such as about your account or purchases, within the scope of our contract with you.

    • To send you information you requested to the extent necessary to perform our contract with you or, when not necessary to perform a contract, in furtherance of our legitimate interest, for example, in responding to customer inquiries.

    • To maintain and improve the security of, and to troubleshoot any issues relating to, our offerings as necessary to perform our contract with you or, when not necessary to perform a contract, in furtherance of our legitimate interest in protecting our business.

    • To develop and improve our current and future offerings and your experience, including through the use of automated systems that analyze data using machine learning and other analytic techniques, in furtherance of our legitimate interests or, where needed, with consent.

    • To understand the ways our offerings are used and who is using them in furtherance of our legitimate interest in improving our offerings and the overall user experience or, where needed, with consent.

    • To analyze information about how you interact or may interact with us or our offerings in furtherance of our legitimate interest in improving our offerings and your experience with us or, where needed, with consent.

    • To make strategic decisions concerning our business operations, including reporting on the performance of our business, in furtherance of our legitimate interest in making those decisions or, where needed, with consent.

    • To send you learning content, tutorials, suggestions, newsletters, surveys, or other information, including information that may be relevant to your interests or preferences, in furtherance of our legitimate interest in improving your customer experience or, where needed, with consent.

    • To detect, prevent, or otherwise address non-valid use such as through fraud and software piracy (e.g., to confirm that software is genuine and properly licensed) and to protect you, AgnosPCB, and/or third parties in furtherance of our legitimate interests.

    • To comply with our legal obligations under applicable laws.

    • To protect the rights, safety, and property of AgnosPCB, you, or any third party in furtherance of our legitimate interest in protecting us, our users, and third parties.

    • For other purposes for which we obtain your consent.


How does AgnosPCB protect your data?

We maintain a combination of reasonable and appropriate physical, organizational, administrative, and technological procedures and controls to protect your data from unauthorized access, use, loss, alteration, destruction, modification, or other malicious actions.


We take reasonable steps to limit the access employees, contractors, and agents of AgnosPCB have to your data to those who need to know this data to perform their assigned functions.


Does AgnosPCB transfer your data across national borders?

We do not transfer data across national borders to other countries.


Will this Privacy Statement change?

We may change this Privacy Statement to reflect changes in the law, our data handling practices, or the features of our business. The updated Privacy Statement will be available here.


We will show the date the Privacy Statement was last updated to help you know when we change it. If we make material changes to our Privacy Statement, we will endeavor to provide you with notice before such changes take effect, such as through a prominent notice on our website or services or by email.