Our Heartfelt Thanks for the “Innovative Company in Canary Islands 2023” Award

Just wanted to shout out a big ‘THANK YOU!’ from the whole AgnosPCB team for naming us the “Innovative Company in Canary Islands 2023”.

Just being judged by such a tech-savvy jury was an honor in itself. You folks know your stuff, and that makes this award mean even more to us. It’s like a big thumbs up telling us we’re on the right track.

We’re super proud to be working with giants like Apple, Intel, Bosch, and Boston Dynamics. Their trust keeps us on our toes, always striving to be better. This award is like rocket fuel, just firing us up to keep pushing the envelope.

But hey, we’re not resting on our laurels. We see this award as a cool milestone on our journey, not the final stop. We’re all about staying innovative—that’s been part of AgnosPCB’s DNA right from the start. And you can bet we’re more pumped than ever to keep developing awesome tech solutions for our clients.

So again, a big, warm thanks to all of you for recognizing what we’re doing. Your belief in us is like a turbo boost, just making us more determined to lead the way and keep on innovating.


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