Release of Inspection tool 5.4 + new neural network

AgnosPCB inspection tool 5.4

We’re excited to share the news about the release of AgnosPCB Inspection Software Version 5.4 and Neural Network architecture v36. Our team has been working hard to make improvements that will help our users with their PCB inspection process.


A significant reason to update to Version 5.4 is the integration of a new neural network, which greatly enhances the software’s capabilities. This helps in achieving better inspection results, making it crucial for users to upgrade.


AgnosPCB 5.4 also includes a barcode scanner integration, which will make it easier to scan PCB barcodes and reduce manual data entry. This should help save time and minimize errors.


Furthermore, you can now generate PDF reports for each inspection, providing an overview of the results. Users can share these reports with others as needed, making communication more efficient. The PDF report files can contain the code read from the barcodes, making the identification of the inspection quick and easy. All detected errors are displayed in the report, as well as their location on the PCBA.


We’ve introduced other key improvements in this version:

    1. Improved Auto-crop: We’ve enhanced the auto-crop feature to provide more accurate and precise cropping of PCB images. This improvement allows for better analysis and inspection of your PCBs.

    1. Better Camera Control: The enhanced camera settings provide better image quality and make it easier to detect any potential issues.

NOTE: the PDF report creation and Barcode features are only available for AgnosPCB clients with SILVER+ and above subscription plans. If you have any question about your subscription plan, please contact us.




If you want to upgrade your AgnosPCB OFFLINE unit with the latest inspection tool software and neural network architecture, contact us


We have developed a new inspection platform almost entirely from scratch. This platform improves the distribution of light coming from the lateral sources. It’s more robust and is shipped to our customers fully assembled. This saves time and hassle during assembly once it’s taken out of the box.

With these new features and improvements, AgnosPCB Inspection Software Version 5.4 aims to be a valuable tool for your PCB inspections. We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to enhance our software to meet your needs. Give AgnosPCB 5.4 a try, and let us know what you think!


We have reached version 36 of our set of neural networks working in parallel. The new version of our neural network offers significant advantages, detecting errors more accurately and rapidly than previous versions. This improvement enhances the overall efficiency and reliability of our system.
For our ONLINE clients, this advancement is immediately available (by 17th, May), providing an instant upgrade to ONLINE systems. Our OFFLINE customers also have access to this improved technology; however, they will need to contact us to get the update.
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