Tingo Medical AOI unit


Your unit has been carefully packed up and protected. But it may suffer from external damage during its transit. The upper side of the package has been indicated by “THIS WAY UP” stickers. Keep the orientation of the box like that before opening it up. Once you are ready to take the unit out of the box, lay down the box on one of its larger sides. Take the unit, slowly out of its container, removing the protecting foam from the laterals. The moving parts have been keep together using white zip ties. Cut them all. 

The AOI unit has been previously assembled, but some steps have to be taken in order to get it to working condition:

There are two bolts fully tightened keeping the X-Y carriage static. Remove them after cutting the zip ties preventing the moving units to displaced in the transit to destination.

Secure the camera and LED ring ilumination wires to the 3D printed part so they can not be pinched while the camera carriage is moving. Use the zip ties ties already placed to capture the wires as shown in the video.

We have created a sliding surface to facilitate the inspection of the Tingo medical samples. You will find a small blue corner which can be used to placed the samples more or less in the same location. Some more stickers have been provided so you can set a new location anywhere if that is needed.

The long blue band located by the left side may be used for calibration methods. Do not remove it. It has been placed out of the regular inspection area. 

NOTE: The glass has been tempered, so it is safe to use it. It can withstand weak hits but avoid to scratch it of hit it with piercing elements.

NOTE: You need to fully extend the shelf taking it out of the inspection platform before placing any sample on it.

2. HOw to carry out your inspection

Above, the video explain how to start using your inspection platform. 


Basically the steps to follow to make your first inspection:

1) Check the camera is on focus

2) Set the initial position of the camera so it does not collide with any lateral of the inspection platform. That initial position will be where the camera is placed capturing the lower area of the PCBA to be inspected. Check the video to know what is the correct place to set the unit to be inspected. There is a blue triangle marking where the unit has to be placed. 

The starting position will be the Q1 point. Every complete inspection will requerire 4 photos, starting from Q1 and finishing with Q4. To automatically move the camera among these locations, press Q1 to Q4 on the user interface. 

These Q points can be modified, please contact us if you are planning to inspect another PCBA layout different that the one provided to AgnosPCB.

3) Every Q point needs a REFERENCE: a photo of an already checked PCBA which does not have faults on it (GOLDEN SAMPLE). You can move among Q points, pressing the Q buttons, and take a REFERENCE photo as many times as you want. After setting the REFENCE photos, you can jump between them pressing again the Q buttons. Once the camera is placed on top the the mentioned Q places, if you press the S key or the Inspect UUI button on the interface, a transparent REFERENCE will appear. That facilitate placing the unit to be inspected in the same position before taking the photo. After taking the photo, the inspection process will automatically start.


You AOI need to be connected to INTERNET in order to work. To do so, go to the WIFI setting and connect the system to your internet network. Alternatively (and recommended), use a ethernet cable.

All the images taken will be sent to our CLOUD processing server, in charge of carrying out the inspection. During the training stage, we need your input about the inspection done by the unit. Every time you create a REPORT, that info will be sent straight to us. This info is crucial to keep enhancing the AOI bahaviour. 

To create a REPORT:

– Move the mouse cursor to the area where a fault has been detected, either if it is a good, or bad detection and press the UP arrow key of the keyboard. That will trigger the report action. A short message on the info box will a appear: “Reporting…DONE”. We need you to create as many REPORTs as you can. We will manually process them all and add them to the catalogue the neural network will use to improve its capacity. This stage will last a month, during this month, we will keep improving the service as much as the REPORTs generated allow us. It is very important to create a very large amount of REPORTs.


We will contact you periodically about how to improve the REPORT creation / comments on the inspection process / regular updates on the AOI system

Questions? Contact us