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AgnosPCB is an inexpensive but dependable automated optical inspection (AOI) service. There is no need to invest in expensive AOI equipment, just use your own camera (or our inspection platform) and our freely available software to check the integrity of your assembled PCBs/panels.

Our Neural Network assisted software will look for components faults and highlight them within seconds.

Any panel, circuit, any type of component. If there is a defect, the software will show you where it is. AgnosPCB is adaptable to your inspection necessities. Contact us if you have any questions or specific requirements.

Less inspection time

Improved product quality

Less scrap


Lower setup cost /
Less rework


AgnosPCB provides differents product offerings, each designed to cater to your specific needs. These offerings have been carefully developed to ensure they can adapt and align with the unique requirements of your projects, providing you with the flexibility and functionality you need to achieve your goals.

AOI platforms designed to make the process of checking circuit/panel integrity fast and seamless.

If you already have your own optical system, you can use AgnosPCB Inspection service at an extremely low price.

If you want to integrate our powerful error inspection service into your own software, the API may be what you’re looking for. 


The Subscription Service is a cost-effective AOI service at an extremely low price.

Want to see it by yourself? Contact us and get a trial account.


It does not matter the PCB material, color or type of components mounted on the circuit. The Neural Network will detect faults like misaligned, misplaced, missing components or short-circuits.

Capable of learning from the feedback received. A powerful tool that will save you time checking the integrity of your PCBAs.


AgnosPCB does not just contrast the integrity of your already assembled PCB. It can find any SMT placement fault on the solder paste layer after the pick-and-place process.


The same AOI system can be used in both stages.



This AOI system knows in which manufacturing process stage the PCBA is, adapt itself accordingly, and look for possible faults.


You do not need to do anything, everything is done automatically.


Yes, you can. There is an AgnosPCB API you can use to upload your own PCBA images to our cloud server or your AgnosPCB local processing unit and get the results of the inspection within seconds. Contact us for more information.

Agnospcb -API-process
What can this visual inspection do?

The neural network will use a “good condition PCBA” (GOLDEN SAMPLE) to compare any other circuits/panels. Then, just take photos of the PCBAs you want to inspect. The AgnosPCB software will highlight every fault found on them (if any). The process takes seconds. After looking for faults, this tool will mark on the photo of the circuit/ panel anything that will require to be doubled checked by a technician.

Type of faults detected:
  • Missing components
  • Misplaced or Rotated
  • Misalignment
  • Tombstones
  • Short-circuits
  • Contamination
  • Polarity
  • Bent pins
AgnosPCB AOI system Advantages:
  • No need to pre-program the AOI system
  • Can be used to check the PCBA after the Pick and Place and reflow oven processes
  • Check the integrity of any panel/circuit even without the original Gerber/design  files
  • Fast and reliable
  • Extremely cost-effective
Polarity issues, bent pins, contamination, displaced components are typical faults detected by AgnosPCB. Of course, rotated, tombstones, missing and damaged elements too.

Can i use any camera?

Yes, you can, but the AgnosPCB neural network AOI software will need the best possible photo of the PCB in order to provide optimal results.


If you want to test the service, feel free to use a smartphone camera, but keep in mind that you will not get the most of the Agnospcb AOI software.


We have created an inspection platform in order to make the circuit/panels “integrity check” process fast and seamless: the AgnosPCB inspection platform.


By taking detailed photos of the inspection area and using our software tool, the platform is capable of processing each integrity check within seconds.


Just place the circuit/panel and take the photo. The Agnospcb’s Desktop inspection software will show you where the defect are (if any) with just one click.


The OFFLINE AgnosPCB AOI system can carry out an inspection within 5 seconds. Processing all the data locally. Not a single bit is sent to our cloud servers.


Just press a button and check the integrity of your PCBA/ Panel with the fastest AOI system in the market.


Perfect if you do not have a good or reliable internet connection or just require a local processing unit.


The powerful processing unit can be upgraded in ten seconds via USB drive. So, this OFFLINE system can be updated as periodically as the ONLINE system does.


The inspection platform will take the best possible photo of the PCB/ Panel placed in the inspection area, setting the camera parameters automatically.

Is AgnosPCB fast? reliable?

 It is as precise and reliable as an expensive conventional AOI system. But, why not check it out by yourself?

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