AgnosPCB. Terms of service


AOI tools in the market can not be considered as 100% trustworthy. They may fail sometimes. Agnospcb is one of those AOI services. We adapt and improve our AOI services periodically, so you may find that something what not worked for you may work today.

We may temporarily stop providing services due maintenance or unforeseen circumstances/events.

If you need some guarantee of a particular service level, then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss whether we could offer you a commercial version of any of our services (assuming one is not already available).

  • We cannot give any warranty about the accuracy of our fault detection services as they heavily depend on the technician’s skills taking photos of the PCB to be inspected.  We have designed an inspection platform that will get rid of many of the most common problems during the inspection process, but all the systems are subject to inaccuracy (out of focus photography, perspective deformation…). You are accepting the services as they are.
  • The Agnospcb inspection tool will never provide 100% faults detection certainty. At this very moment of writing down this Terms of use document the integrity check can detect up to 99,34% of the faults on a PCB´s surface components. We thrive to get to the 100% but during the process some errors can pass under the radar.
  • The PCBs inspection service provided by Agnospcb has been designed to comply with certain quality standards. Among them: Provide integrity results within seconds using a photo of a standard PCB. That time may vary depending on several factors as: photography resolution, server computing load or user ´s internet speed
  • We are constantly improving the quality of the results provided by our services. You may notice some detection discrepancies from time to time even inspecting the same PCBs. That is normal. Our neural network does not process the images in the same way.

What you agree

You agree not to use our websites and services

  • Anything which is illegal either where you are in the world, or where we are.
  • Cause nuisance to other users of our services.
  • Interfere with the normal running of our services.
  • Try to access our systems in a way other than those advertised by us.


Some of our services require you to create an account to make certain kinds of, or any, use of the service. All our accounts are subject to the following rules.

You must be at least 13 years old and a human being.

  • If asked for any personal details, you must answer truthfully (see our privacy policy for what we do with those details). You must supply us with a valid e-mail address.
  • You are responsible for the security of your accounts and making sure that any contact details in the account are kept up to date. If we need to contact you but are unable to do so, for example because your e-mail address is no longer valid, then any consequences of that failure will be your responsibility.
  • You must not let anyone else use your account. If pressure is applied to you to do so please inform them that their attempt to subvert your agreement with us will mean that they have no permission to use any of our services. We may take action, including criminal prosecution, if they use our services using an account they have obtained in this way.
  • You must let us know of any unauthorised use of your account as soon as you are able to after becoming aware of it.
  • Unless an account is associated with a paid-for service, we may suspend or terminate it at any time. Equally, you may close your account at any time

Content and intellectual property

What we do with your uploaded files:

Using Agnospcb AOI services will let us access to the photos uploaded to our servers. We are continuously monitoring the results with the only purpose of improving the integrity checks quality of our clients. We do not share that info with any third-party companies or partners. All the files are removed from the server after 48 hours. The review of the inspection results are not linked to the user accounts. That supervision is done taking the photos as they are without reading tags or EXIF info from them.

Ownership does not change

As a rule, this agreement will not change the ownership of any intellectual property belonging to either party. Where your content is used by us or vice versa both you and we would do so under the terms described above.

Paid-for services

Any payment you have agreed to make to us is subject to any applicable taxation or similar financial imposition. You are responsible for paying any additional sum imposed in this way. For example, many of our services are subject to Value-Added Tax, which you are required to pay to us.

If you have agreed to pay a sum at regular intervals (“payment periods”) then:

  • We will only terminate the service by giving notice of at least one payment period in length.
  • We may increase the price for the service by giving you at least one payment period’s notice of the new price.

You may terminate a paid-for service at any time by giving us notice of termination. Any payment you have already made to us will not be repayable, but we will continue to supply the service — unless you ask us otherwise — until the next payment date.

We may suspend a paid for service if we reasonably believe:

  • It is necessary for us to do so in order to prevent any unlawful activity;
  • You have breached this agreement in a sufficiently serious way to justify suspending the service in order to prevent that breach.
  • You have failed to pay us any sum of money you owe.

If we do suspend a service for any of the above reasons we will take all reasonable steps to inform you promptly of what we have done and we will lift the suspension as soon as we are satisfied that the reason for the suspension no longer applies.

Limitations of Liability

Except where prohibited by law, in no event will Agnospcb be liable to you for any indirect, consequential, exemplary, incidental or punitive damages, including lost profits, even if Agnospcb has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

If, notwithstanding the other provisions of these Terms of Use, Agnospcb is found to be liable to you for any damage or loss which arises out of or is in any way connected with your use of the Site or any Agnospcb AOI service, Agnospcb’s liability shall in no event exceed the greater of the total of any subscription or similar fees with respect to any service or feature of or on the Site paid in the six months prior to the date of the initial claim made against Agnospcb (but not including the purchase price for any Agnospcb hardware or software packages.

Indemnities — where you may owe us

If you breach any of your obligations under this agreement and, as a result, cause us to be sued by anyone else, you will have to compensate us for any loss we have suffered as a result, which includes any costs, such as paying lawyers, or for our own time, we incur defending a claim as well as any damages awarded.

If your breach causes you to be sued by someone else, you will not sue us for any loss you suffer as a result.

Exclusion — what we do not owe you

We limit our liability in several different ways — all of which we believe to be fair. In case any one of them is found to be unenforceable by a court, each of the following limitations of liability is separate and our liability to you is limited by all of them.

All exclusions of liability are only in so far as we are allowed to do so by whatever law applies to the situation. We will not be liable for any damage that was not reasonably foreseeable at the time we made this agreement.

  • Any liability to you is limited by the amount you have paid us for a service, where:
  • Our liability is zero for a free service.

Where you make periodic payments, our liability is limited to the value of the last payment you paid us.

We are not liable for any loss which is indirect or consequential. That includes any loss of business or profit.

We exclude, in so far as we are allowed, any warranties that would be implied by law.

General conditions

This agreement

We may update these terms and conditions at any time. If we do so, we will announce the change on our blog. Any changes will be binding on you from the moment we announce them.


These final “boilerplate” terms of should go without saying, but we are saying them anyway just to be clear.

If any part of this agreement is ineffective (for example because it is unlawful) then the rest of the agreement should be read without it.

This agreement is between you and us and is not intended to give anyone else any rights.
We may sometimes fail to enforce our rights under this agreement (for example because we decide not to, or we did not realise you were in breach of contract). Just because we have not enforced any of our rights, does not stop us from doing so in the future.

Neither party is liable for anything which is beyond their reasonable control.


Any performance figures given in the Company’s quotation based upon experience and are such as the Company expects to obtain on tests on the Company’s premises. The Company shall be under no liability for damages for failure to attain such figures unless the Company shall have specifically guaranteed performance figures in writing. Where any performance figure is guaranteed the figure is deemed to be subject to such tolerances and variations as may be reasonable.

In the event of the Buyer alleging that the Goods fail to achieve the standard of specification stated in the Company’s quotation the Buyer shall forthwith give notice thereof in writing to the Company. The Buyer shall not be entitled to reject the Goods until the Company shall have been given a reasonable opportunity to investigate and make such adjustment to the Goods as it may consider necessary except in so far as the Company is told in advance of the purpose for which the Buyer intends to use the Goods the Buyer accepts that the Goods are fit for the purpose for which they are normally intended to be used.

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