Created to easily embed the AgnosPCB solution into your existing AOI system. If you already have a good camera and want to integrate the AgnosPCB neural network powered AOI service with your system, just upload an image of your PCB/ Panel to our cloud server using this API and get the inspection result within seconds.

Inside the zip file you will find two Python code examples and four photos of two sets of PCBAs

In the script code, the REFERENCE and UUI names are defined as “sample1_UUI.jpg” and sample1_UUI.jpg:
# Reference and UUI files(Unit Under Inspection) path to files
_UUI = ‘sample1_UUI.jpg’  # Image for inspection
_REF = ‘sample1_REF.jpg’  # Reference board image (golden sample)

You will need user credentials to use the API. If you do not have any, please reply to this email. You have to populate the fields user and password in the script with your user info:

# AgnosPCB ONLINE service user and password (use your credentials) Contact us at if you need an account

The API_DOC.txt file contains info about how to make use of the API service. Basic example of the API In this example, the images are loaded as OpenCV image and then transformed to be used on the API