ONLINE AIO: Installing the OS and its updates

All the updates of the OS with the AgnosPCB inspection tool software will be listed here. But, in order to be able to use them, you need an AgnosPCB OS system already running in your Intel NUC (at least version 4.0.3). 
 The latest UPDATE can be downloaded, clicking on this button:

 To UPDATE your INTEL NUC system:

1) Extract the AGNOS_UPDATE folder into the root of a USB drive. Do not change the folder’s name. It has to be AGNOS_UPDATE
2) Plug in the USB drive into any of the INTEL NUC’s USB port.
A pop-up windows will let you know, after a few seconds, that the update has been carried out.


Image of the updating prompt. If everything goes fine, you will not get any ERROR message during the update/upgrade process.