FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why subscription?
At Agnospcb we have created a software capable of detecting errors in the elements of any PCB or electronic panel. But not only that: the software learns over time as you use it more and more, achieving with every evolution of the software:
– Marking the contour of the errors better.
– Improve processing speed.
– Use feedback from users to improve its detection capabilities.​

The neural network  powering the systems and in charge the faults detection needs human assisted monitoring, and this requires an exchange with a server (hosted on AWS) that contains the neural network brain. Agnospcb periodically updates and enhances this “brain”. All the info used to teach that brain is removed from our servers every 24h. ​

So with a subscription, you get immediate and transparent access to an inspection service that continuously improves and adapts to your requirements. We will never charge for software updates every time we release a new version, as we consider that the subscription already covers costs (server maintenance and AOI service improvements).​

What is uploaded to the cloud?
Our servers hosted on AWS are heavily protected against intrusion. We host the brain of the neural network on them, so it’s best to protect it. When a user inspects a circuit or panel, only parts of the image are uploaded anonymously to the network to confirm the analysis. It is like asking for a second and third opinion about a diagnosis. More info can be found here.

Not interested in an ONLINE service?
There is an OFFLINE system of our inspection platform. All the data processing is done locally without the need for an internet connection. Service updates are not immediate, but are downloaded and applied via an external USB stick.  If you are interested, please contact us.

AgnosPCB OFFLINE inspection platform