Why do the vast majority of customers who use our AOI software keep using it?

Agnospcb was born to offer a quality AOI service available to everyone, without having to face costly investments in equipment.

Since the beginning of 2020, many customers have relied on us to check the integrity of their PCBs in a fast and efficient way: from companies with short runs to those that have required continuous use 24h/seven days a week.

The constant evolution of the network’s detection capabilities has allowed Agnospcb’s visual inspection service to adapt to the very different needs of customers. No matter what these may be.

Today’s neural network is capable of processing images from any type of camera, from a simple smartphone camera to units with powerful optics but affordable for any customer. Don’t you believe it? Try it for yourself.

Just a number: 98.25% of our customers have remained using Agnospcb’s visual inspection service after the free trial. Not bad at all. By today, April 2021, Agnospcb is servicing 587 clients all over the World.

While all this is happening, we keep evolving our AOI software by improving it to be able to offer, inspection of the components placed on the PCBs just before the reflow-oven process. This doubles Agnospcb’s service capabilities without doubling the number of systems required for this.

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